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Author: britexgroupbd

Who We Are!

Space Sweater Limited is a Compliant, Socially Responsible, Ethical, Safe, Diversified and Specialized Sweater Manufacturer Since 2006.

We have skilled, motivated, dynamic and talented workforce to execute each and every order uniquely keeping in mind the right appeal of products to ultimate consumers worldwide.

Our integrated production follow up system always ensure the production status and reporting correctly throughout the production process.

Since we are producing for reputed Brands worldwide; we strictly follow brands value and guidelines in terms of social, economic and environmental relevant impacts.

Our product range covers whole family (Men, Women & kids). Our safety protocol in production process strictly comply the safety rules and standards of Kidswear.

We have our own collection which developed and updated based on mood & trend of fashion market globally.

We are truly experienced to produce sweater in different type of materials such as Wool (Merino, Lambs), Cotton, Acrylic, Viscose, Polyester, Nylon and other blended fancy yarns those developed every season highlighting latest fashion trends.

Space Sweater Limited believes in Safe works – Better works – Better life.

Company Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a leading fashion manufacturer, known as one
of the most stable, dedicated and trusted company in the industry that has gone
beyond business for maximum satisfaction of our customers by improvement of
operational efficiency, cost effectiveness, latest design and talents of our

Business Policy

-Always strive for excellence in manufacturing our products.
-Always strive to satisfy our customers.
-Always comply with all requirements of our customers and any laws and regulation that might apply.
-Improve the effectiveness of our quality management system via audits, corrective and preventive action and review of our achievements.
-Improve our performance by making and achieving quality objectives.
-Communicating this policy so that it is accepted and understood throughout the company.
-Review this policy and make changes as appropriate at least once a year.